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DVS Town Square Opening
DVS is following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Minnesota Department of Health guidelines to implement social distancing and sanitizing strategies to stop the spread of COVID19. These include Wellness screenings for staff and customers: DVS staff will be asked health screening questions before starting their workday. DVS staff will ask customers the same series of health screening questions before they enter the office. Customers are required to wear a face mask and have their temperature taken. If the DVS staff or a customer has a fever of 100.4 or higher, answers yes to any of the health screening questions, or refuses to answer the questions customers will not be allowed to enter office.

Apply for on line access
To implement social distancing and stop the spread of COVID-19 file this tax return online by obtaining online access. Please follow instructions below if you do not have a user name to access the system.
1. Download, complete, and email Form 1 of the paper application to: dvs.prorate@state.mn.us Form can be found at https://mnec.exploredata.com each online user must be listed in section 3.
2. Each online user listed in section 3 needs to apply for their own online user name at https://mnec.exploredata.com.
Each online user must have their own email account that is not shared with anyone and personally identifies them as the online user. Most applications can be processed within 1-3 business days if both steps have been properly completed.

St Paul Office Appointment.
Effective September 1, Appointments are required for IRP and IFTA service at the DPS DVS St. Paul location. Schedule your appointment by calling 651 205 4141 or email dvs.prorate@state.mn.us

Data Privacy Notification/Tennessen Warning
Information collected to issue IRP/IFTA registration is used to:
Identify the motor carrier, identify the owner of the vehicle, identify the motor vehicle to which the registration is issued. You are not required to submit the information. However, if you do not submit the information the Department of Public Safety cannot process or issue the IRP/IFTA registration information. Personal information (name and address of individuals) is classified as private data. The Department of Public Safety releases this information only as authorized or required by state and federal law. Access to motor vehicle records is governed by: Minnesota Statutes, chapter 168.346, United States code title 18, sections 2721-2725, and Minnesota Statutes, chapter 13.

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