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System Messages
Effective October 1, 2018

Minnesota Statute 171.12, Subd. 1a requires DPS to immediately and permanently revoke the authorization of any individual who entered, updated, accessed, shared or disseminated data in violation of state or federal law.

Access to DVS records
To ensure your use of DPS DVS data is permissible under Minnesota statues

Only access DPS DVS data in the normal course of your business
Never access DPS DVS data for personal or non business purposes
Never share user names and passwords with anyone not even with supervisors, coworkers,service agents or family
Notify DVS to disable a users access when no longer employed
Only enter true and correct data

Processing of Required Documents
Required documents received prior to May 7, 2019 have been updated as being received. Title transfers will be processed in date order received.

Data Privacy Notification/Tennessen Warning
Information collected to issue IRP/IFTA registration is used to:
Identify the motor carrier, identify the owner of the vehicle, identify the motor vehicle to which the registration is issued. You are not required to submit the information. However, if you do not submit the information the Department of Public Safety cannot process or issue the IRP/IFTA registration information. Personal information (name and address of individuals) is classified as private data. The Department of Public Safety releases this information only as authorized or required by state and federal law. Access to motor vehicle records is governed by: Minnesota Statutes, chapter 168.346, United States code title 18, sections 2721-2725, and Minnesota Statutes, chapter 13.

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